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  • Dust Collection​

  • Welding Fume Extraction

  • Wood Shop Solutions

  • Spray Booths

  • Portable Cartridge Collectors

  • Duct-work Design and Installation

Since 1981, Air Specialists of Virginia, Inc. has been the region’s leading expert in the fields of dust collection, vehicle exhaust extraction, and general air filtration for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.  ASV offers comprehensive sales, service, installation, and on-site consultation and support.  For over 35 years ASV has been providing custom solutions for clients spanning small mom and pop operations, to Fortune 500 companies, to local and federal government organizations.  ASV can offer products from dozens of the world’s top manufactures to help you and your company design and implement a custom solution for your air quality needs with their decades of experience and an extensive knowledge of current regulations and products in the fields of air quality.  Contact ASV today for your custom solution.

Custom Solutions

Air Specialists of Virginia, Inc. offers custom solutions for any application ranging from welding fume extraction to dust collection and general air purification and extraction.  

We offer turn-key solutions backed by decades of experience.

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