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Under Carriage Rail Systems


The Straight Rail System (STR) is the preferred system for drive through and in tandem apparatus bays using either the Magnetic or Pneumatic Grabber®. The Plymovent STR system is designed to connect to any motor vehicle tailpipe and captures virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions. This system is ideal for drive through bays or bays with up to four vehicles parked in tandem. Everything within the system is automatic, from the fan activation to the automatic release from the exiting vehicle. There is a one-step connection to the system as the vehicle enters the station. Also, the STR system is code compliant, and has a solid one-piece extruded aluminum rail profiles offering strength and durability.

  • Ideal solution for drive through stations

  • Multiple drops for a single rail

  • Compatible with magnetic or pnematic grabbers

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